Map and Guide to Grey Highlands

Eateries, Accommodations,
Shops & Trails

Natural and Scenic

Unforgettable scenic views, hiking trails, lakes, streams and waterfalls, you'll find them all here. But you'll also find locally grown and prepared food, farmers' markets, great restaurants, cultural diversity, talented artists, interesting history, events, canoe routes, bike routes, ski hills, cross country skiing, golf courses, great fishing and rock climbing.

Quiet and Relaxing

Each weekend cottagers from the cities make the trek to enjoy the quiet and beautiful surroundings of Grey Highlands. Once you visit the area, you'll probably want to stay like many former city dwellers. Stay overnight at bed & breakfasts and resorts. But don't say we didn't warn you.

The area is unforgettable!
The natural environment combined with local,
unique shops make this area special.

Things to do

Visit two waterfalls, hike the Bruce Trail, canoe the Beaver River, swim, boat and fish in Lake Eugenia, bicycle or drive through the Beaver Valley, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and soak up the natural environment.

Places to eat

There is a wide variety of places to eat in Grey Highlands. Local food is plentiful and the choice is amazing. We love our food. Check out our list of eateries.

Places to Stay

Check our accommodations list, some eateries also offer accommodations. Whether you stay over night or for a week or two you'll find that there is lots to do in Grey Highlands.

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Long views of Cuckoo Valley

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Paddling on the Beaver River

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Autumn Light in Grey Highlands

Every area is unique and has its own identity

Grey Highlands is made up of a network of villages and small towns, each one has it's own personality and culture.

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Villages in Grey Highlands vary from growing and thriving communities to a mention on a map from a by-gone era. Here's a list of present and past small villages and towns of Grey Highlands in alphabetical order: Beaverdale, Blantyre, Ceylon, Cheeseville, Eugenia, Fairmount, Feversham, Flesherton, Goring, Harkaway, Heathcote, Irish Lake, Kimberley, Lady Bank, Priceville, Port Law, Proton Station, Maxwell, Rocklyn, Temple Hill, Vandeleur, Wareham and Wodehouse.